Free Download: Pineapple Express


I don't know about you, but I am totally digging the pineapple trend taking the world by storm, lately. Whether it be nail art or a cute dress, I'm a fan!

I got inspired and created some simple pineapple illustrations yesterday and decided to turn one into a wallpaper for y'all. I'm an options kind of gal so there are three fun colors to choose from. Cute, huh?

download white | download mint | download pink



LOVING Burt's Bees pink grapefruit cleansing cloths. Have you guys tried these?! They smell so good; I legitimately get hungry when I use them, haha. I've also become recently addicted to Trader Joe's zesty kale chips. I'm a potato chip lover so I picked these up as a more healthy alternative.

READING Sadly, nothing at the moment. What's something good you've read lately? Part of me wants to go back and re-read 50 Shades in preparation of the movie. Speaking of have you seen the trailer? What are your thoughts?

WATCHING All of my shows are on hiatus right now, so I haven't been watching a lot of TV (I cannot WAIT for October when TWD returns). Someone recently recommended Nurse Jackie to me, so maybe I'll give that a shot.

ANTICIPATING My trip to Seattle next week. Even though it's for work, I'll happen to be there on my friend who lives there birthday which means I get to see her + celebrate so that makes me super happy.

LISTENING TO Lot's of Miranda Lambert since her concert is next week. She's probably my favorite female country artist of the moment. When I'm working or just want to chill, James Blake radio is always my go-to. This cover is magical.

PLANNING Vacation in September--I'm going to Huntington Beach + Disneyland! I'm so excited. My friend and her family always bring me along on their family vacation; we're basically sisters. This was our trip together last time.

WORKING ON I have a couple of new freelance projects lined up so I'm looking forward to getting started on those. It feels good to get back into being creative and taking on these projects under my new brand.

WISHING For my hair to grow, grow, grow. I was forced to trim it on Saturday because the ends were pretty dead so my hair gal cut off about an inch + a half :( I know it's for the best and my it does grow pretty quickly but since my hair is my thing it was slightly traumatizing. #firstworldproblems 

Ps; A big THANK YOU to everyone who showed their support on my launch yesterday. It really does mean so much to me; you guys are the best.

* graphic by magpie co.

Introducing: Magpie Co.


Guess what, guys? After many months, tears and countless revisions--I'm beyond excited to announce that my re-brand is finally officially live!

For over a year, I have been wanting to retire my 'srslyliz' moniker and re-brand my blog and business under a new name. I also wanted to house everything, including my portfolio together in one, cohesive site. I mean duh, I do this for my clients so why hadn't I done it for myself yet? It was time.

You may be asking yourself why the heck I chose the name "Magpie"--I explain that more in depth here but the short story is I really identified with its dual definition. Coming up with a new name is hard + scary--especially after being known as something else for so long; after narrowing down the list of possible names, Magpie Co. is what instinctively felt right.

Another big change is that I switched over from my beloved WordPress to Squarespace (gasp! I know). I'd heard so many great things about the SS platform plus after being faced with the issue of not having anyone readily available to develop my re-design thanks to The Break Up--I did my research and felt confident in building my new site all on my own using one of Squarespace's beautiful templates. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with not only the SS user interface but the customer service as well. I super, super, SUPER love it and my only regret is not making the switch sooner.

Please have a look around and check out all the new goodies! Let me know if you find anything wonky or nonsensical--I've been staring at this site for the past 2 weeks straight so its very possible I've overlooked a thing or two. Since the entire site is totally new, there are a few housekeeping items I thought you should be aware of if you're a subscriber to the blog-- you will need to update your subscription links (found in the sidebar).  I know its a pain but I promise to make it up to you by posting good stuff frequently again. Likewise, I've switched most of my social media accounts to the new name as well. will forever re-direct to the new site, for those of you not quite willing to let it go yet ;)

As always, I appreciate every single one of you and I am so grateful to be able to share this new chapter with you all. Cheers! xx